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Industrial Illuminator Steampunk Table Lamp

Light Up Your Mancave 


Light up your favorite space with a lamp that's unique, cool and efficient too.


The Industrial Illuminator features a mesmerizing oversized fully dimmable LED Edison bulb in a wood base with a real porcelain socket, cloth wiring and steel top plate with a hammered metal finish. Set the dimmer level to match the mood. Doubles as a unique nightlight too.

Cool to the touch, even on the highest setting. Uses 90% less energy than an equivalent incandescent bulb with burn risk.. Uses less power than a cell phone charger! 


Pick the Amber 2100K bulb for more of a candlelight color. Great for mood lighting, bars and bedrooms. Pick the Soft White 2700K bulb for a traditional incandescent color. Great for desks and tables. 

$128 gift boxed, bulb and shipping included

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