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Power Port Support

The Power Port will charge any Android smartphone, Apple iPhone smartphone, Android tablet, Apple iPad or iWatch or most other wearables in any combination. The Power Port will also rapidly charge most newer Android devices that support QC2.0 or QC3.0 charging and most newer Apple iPhones that support PD2.0 or PD3.0 charging. The Power Port is aimed at charging multiple brands and types of devices at a moderately fast rate. If charging at the highest rate possible is your main concern, we recommend using a high power charger specific to your phone. 

Quick Setup 

Step 1 - Plug the power adapter into the jack on the back of the Power Port

Step 2 - Plug the power adapter into an 120V AC outlet

Step 3 - Connect phones and devices in any combination to the front panel jacks

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Power Port charge my specific phone?


       The Power Port will charge any Android and Apple phone that can be connected to a USB-C port. In addition, the Power Port will rapidly charge phones that support the popular QC2.0 or QC3.0 Quick Charge (most new Android phones) or PD2.0 or PD3.0 (most newer Apple phones) standards


Will thPower Port charge my Android tablet or iPad?


       Yes. The Power Port can charge most any Android tablet or iPad up to the rated power listed in the specifications. 


Will the Power Port charge my iWatch or other wearable?


       Yes. The Power Port will charge most iWatch or other wearable devices. You may need to provide your own cable as many wearables have specialized USB charging cables. 

Will the Power Port charge my phone at the maximum possible rate?


       The Power Port will charge a compatible phone at a rate up to 30 watts or whatever the phone is capable of, whichever is less. If your main concern is maximum possible charging rate, then we recommend purchasing a charger made by your specific phone manufacturer. These chargers can potentially charge your phone even faster, but often they only work with specific brands. The Power Port is designed to rapid charge a wide range of devices at a moderate to high rate, rather than the maximum charge rate only for a specific model.  

Should I unplug the Power Port when not in use? 


       No. The Power Port can remain plugged in when not in use. It draws very little power when not actually charging a phone or other device.


is it safe to unplug the Power Port from the wall adapter while a phone is charging?


       We recommend disconnecting any phones, tablets or other devices being charged before unplugging the Power Port from the wall adapter. Similarly, we recommend disconnecting devices before plugging the Power Port into the wall adapter.


How do I tell if my phone is rapid or regular charging?

      Check the battery charging status on your phone. Most will include the term 'charging rapidly' or similar or show an icon to indicate the phone is charging rapidly. Understand though most phones will in general automatically reduce their charging rates as the battery charge level gets closer to 100%. You may see the phone charging rapidly from 0% to say 80%, then a reduced rate from 80% to 90% and then a lower rate above 90%. Check your phone owner's manual for specifics for your device.  

Can I use my existing USB cable with the Power Port?


       Yes, provided it has a USB-C connector. We recommend though that you use our optional certified USB cables. These cables are tested and guaranteed to work with the Power Port up to the maximum rated power. The are also designed to complement the Power Port with a neat appearance without lots of tangled wires. The cables are long enough to check your phone without having to disconnect it from the Power Port.  


Can I use a different power adapter with the Power Port?


       No. Please only use the included 12V 5A power adapter with the Power Port. Using any other adapter, even if it plugs in, can potentially damage the Power Port or even the connected phone.  

Is it safe to leave my phone connected to the Power Port after it is done charging?

       It is generally safe to leave your phone connected, but consult your specific phone user manual for the best recommendation for your specific phone. The Power Port will keep the device fully charged. However, some phone manufacturers recommend disconnecting the phone after charging.


Can I charge an iPhone and an Android phone at the same time?


       Yes. Absolutely. You can charge different brands and types of devices in any combination. The charging ports work independently up to the maximum combined output power listed in the specifications. 


Can I charge an old flip phone with the Power Port?


       Yes. You may need to provide your own USB cable, as many older flip phones have Micro USB connectors.

How do I care for my Power Port?


       Clean occasionally with a feather duster, soft brush or furniture cloth. Do not use water, solvents, polishes or cleaning products. Also avoid putting the Power Port in direct sunshine for extended times. This can slowly damage the case finish and woodwork.


Can I use the Power Port outside?


       No. The Power Port case is wood and contains electronics. Only use the Power Port indoors in a dry location out of direct sunlight. An office, home office, den, bedroom or study are ideal locations.

Power Port Support
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