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Steampunk style accessories
Steampunk style computer electronics


   - 10” tall x 7.5” wide x 5.5” deep

   - 7.5" dia. (6" face) gauge
   - Weight 4 lbs.

   - Steel, brass and iron construction

   - Hardwood base in vintage cherry finish

   - Sensitivity control knob

   - Smooth, completely silent operation


   - Connects to USB port (any version)

   - No external power required

   - Supports Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11

   - Monitors WiFi and wired networking

   - Displays 0 - 1+ gigabit/sec

   - Drive protected by US patents

Displays the real-time network load for a computer as you surf the web, stream content or do anything online. Works with all existing software. Does not impact performance. Works great on most home or home office PCs, even older models. Check with your IT Administrator before connecting to a company PC.


   - Steam Computometer

   - 6 foot braided USB cable

   - Gift box 


   - Personalized nameplate

$328 gift boxed, shipping included

Optional personalization

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