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Time Tabulator Clock Quick Setup (Vintage and Industrial)

Requires WiFi network. Fully automatic operation (never needs setting or adjusting) and monitors WiFi and Internet.

Step 1

Connect the included power adapter to the power jack and plug into a 120 volt outlet.

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Steampunk clock jacks

Step 3

Tap and hold the WiFi button on your smartphone and then tap the TIMETABULATOR network.  Tap Connect if prompted. 

Tap Continue if you receive a network security warning. This is temporary and will be secure again when you connect to your WiFi network. 

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Steampunk clock setup

Step 5

Wait a few seconds, tap your network SSID, enter the password and tap Save.

It might take up to 10 seconds for this screen to appear if you are using an older phone.

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Steampunk Clock WiFi Setup

Step 2

Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for 3-5 seconds and then release. The electric eye on the front of the case will start blinking blue.

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Step 4

Wait a few seconds for the setup screen to appear and tap the Configure WiFi button.


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Step 6

Wait 5-10 seconds for the Time Tabulator to restart and connect to your network. The electric eye will flash colors. The hour and minute meters will then set and the electric eye will start pulsating the seconds.

If it doesn't work, you may have an incorrect WiFi password.  Try again starting at Step 2.

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Steampunk clock setup

New Feature: Manual Setup Mode

You can now set the time manually using the outer front panel knobs without the need for WiFi. Once set, the clock will keep time and the electric eye will pulsate. The clock time might drift slightly over time like a regular clock. You will also need to reset it if power is ever lost like a regular clock.  You can also switch back to automatic mode at any time by following the Quick Setup instructions above. 

Step 1

Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for at least 8-10 seconds and then release. The electric eye on the front of the case will start blinking green.

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Steampunk clock setup

Step 2

Use the left-most and right-most knobs to set the hour and minute on the gauges. Then tap the setup button again. The electric eye will start pulsating the seconds.

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Steampunk clock setup

Normal Operation

Seconds Beat

The electric eye beats once a second as the color cycles through the rainbow once a minute. Top of the minute is red, changing smoothly through orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta and back to red.  With some practice, you can estimate the current second by looking at the color.

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Steampunk clock setup

Control Knobs

The knobs on the front panel control the backlight brightness and color and the electric eye brightness and beat intensity. Enjoy playing with them to figure them out and find that perfect look for any setting or time of day.

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Steampunk clock setup

Network Monitor

The electric eye doubles as the network monitor alert. If your internet connection drops out (but your WiFi is still working), the eye will flash yellow slowly until it is restored. Similarly, if your WiFi goes down, the eye will flash red until restored.  The hour and minute meters will still display the correct time. 

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Steampunk clock setup

WiFi Change

Change the SSID or password at any time by pressing and holding the Setup button for 3-5 seconds and releasing. Then pick up at Step 2 in the Quick Setup instructions above.

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Network Reliability and Time Tabulator Positioning

It is normal for the electric eye to blink yellow or red occasionally for a few seconds. No network is 100% reliable all the time. Internet service providers frequently make changes that briefly impact service and it is common for network to be heavily loaded at times. Interference or nearby objects can affect WiFi signal reception like any other type of radio signal. If the blinking persists, the Time Tabulator is telling you there may be a WiFi or Internet outage service problem. 


If the Time Tabulator reports a network problem and there is none, then there may be a problem with the Time Tabulator position. Try repositioning the Time Tabulator closer to your WiFi router and away from any large metal objects.  Try moving the Time Tabulator to a higher location (side board, shelf, etc.) or try moving the WiFi router up higher if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install an app on my phone to set up the Time Tabulator?


    No. No app is required. See the Quick Setup instruction for the steps.

I connected to the TIMETABULATOR SSID, but nothing is happening on my phone. What should I do?

    Most Android and Apple phones automatically start the setup menu, but apparently some models don't. Open the web browser on your phone and simply enter in the URL field and tap go. This will take you to the setup menu.  


What kind of phone do I need to set up the Time Tabulator?

    You can use any Apple iPhone or any Android phone. Even an older phone should work fine. No need to have the latest and greatest. You just need to be able to connect to WiFi.

Can I use my notebook PC or Mac to set up the Time Tabulator?

    Great question. Yes you can. Use the WiFi setup to connect to the TIMETABULATOR SSID as described in Step 3 of the Quick Setup instructions shown above.  

How should I care for the Time Tabulator?


    Dust occasionally with a feather duster or furniture cloth. Do not use water, solvents, polishes or cleaning products. Also avoid putting the Time Tabulator in direct sunshine for extended times. This can slowly damage the case finish and woodwork.


Can I use the Time Tabulator outside?


    No. The Time Tabulator case is wood and contains electronics. Only use the Time Tabulator indoors in a dry location.


Can I open the Time Tabulator case?


   No. The Time Tabulator case contains electronic components, wiring and a microcontroller. There are no user serviceable parts inside the case.


How does the Time Tabulator set itself?


    The Time Tabulator uses web services to determine the location of your WiFi network based on its IP address. The Time Tabulator then uses network time protocol services to get the current time and adjust it based on your network location. The Time Tabulator then periodically rechecks the time to keep the clock in sync and also verify that the Internet connection and WiFi are working properly.


How does the Time Tabulator monitor my WiFi and Internet?

    The Time Tabulator checks your WiFi signal quality every second. If the signal quality suddenly drops significantly or completely, the Time Tabulator will analyze the problem for several seconds. If the problem doesn't improve, the electric eye will signal a problem. If the WiFi is restored, the Time Tabulator will automatically reconnect and stop signaling problems. Similarly, the Time Tabulator also checks internet access once a minute and will signal if internet access is down for more than just a few moments.   

The electric eye is dark. What do I do?


   Turn up the electric eye brightness knob.


I pressed the WiFi setup button, but cannot connect to change my network information. What do I do?


   Make sure to hold the button for 3-5 seconds before releasing it. Also, you need to connect using your smartphone within about 3 minutes or else the setup menu will automatically shut down for extra security. You can always start again by pressing the button again. 


Does the time change when daylight saving time is in effect?


   Yes. The Time Tabulator will automatically detect when daylight saving time starts and when it ends for your current location and will adjust itself automatically. There is nothing you need to do. This feature does require that the Time Tabulator be connected to WiFi.


I took my Time Tabulator to a new location and it isn’t working. What do I do?


   Most likely, the WiFi name and/or password are different at the new location or you are out of range of your current WiFi. Hold the WiFi setup button on the back of the cabinet for 3-5 seconds, release it and watch for the electric eye to blink blue. Then use your phone to select an available network as described in the Quick Start section.


Can I use the Time Tabulator in a place with no WiFi?


   Yes. Follow the manual setup instruction above. You will need to reset the time if power is ever lost, just like a regular clock and you won't have the WiFi and internet monitoring, but the Time Tabulator will work just fine. Using it with WiFi is preferred though as it is fully automatic and never needs setting.


Does the Time Tabulator have an alarm?


   No. The Time Tabulator is a clock and network monitor, not an alarm clock. 


I want to use my Time Tabulator at my company office. What do I need to do?


   First check with your company Network Administrator to see if personal devices are allowed OR see if the company has a personal device network (often called a “Bring Your Own Device” or BYOD) network. These are typically used for personal cell phones, personal tablets or other devices not owned by the company. Connect the same way as if at home, but select the personal device network and password. If not possible or successful, you can always set the clock in manual mode as described above.

Can I use the Time Tabulator with a mobile WiFi hotspot network?


    No. Mobile WiFi hotspot networks are by definition mobile. The Time Tabulator needs a fixed location WiFi to accurately determine your current location and time zone so it can set the current time accurately.


What do I do if the Time Tabulator shows the correct minutes but the wrong hours?


    This most likely means you are connected to a mobile WiFi hotspot or a network that is using a VPN (virtual private network) to hide your true location, making it impossible for the Time Tabulator to determine the local time. Use the WiFi Setup Button and connect to a different network or switch to manual mode until resolved.

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