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unique artistic
steampunk style home decor and accessories to enjoy and use every day


Retro Gear Laboratories makes unique artistic steampunk style home decor and accessories, including clocks, lights, chargers and electronics to enjoy and use every day. 

steampunk home decor

What Our Customers Are Saying:

steampunk phone charger

"Beautiful craftsmanship, well made, well packaged"

steampunk industrial style clock

“Beautiful work, seller kept me informed every step of the process. A+++”

steampunk accessories

“Steam Computometer looks absolutely amazing and the way it works is fun to watch.”

Artistic Steampunk Electronic Gifts

Our Products

Steampunk home decor clock


steampunk clock
steampunk style home decor radiometer
Steampunk Radiometer
Steam Illuminator Steampunk Style Decor Lamp
Steampunk home decor lighting
industrial home decor clock


industrial decor clock
Steampunk style phone charger
Steampunk Phone Charger
Industrial Illuminator Industrial Style Desk Lamp
Industrlal Illuminator Instustrial Decor Desk Lamp
steampunk accessories computer
steampunk style computer accessories
Steampunk phone charger
Steampunk phone charger
steampunk home decor christmas ornament
Steampunk Ornament
Steampunk Style Home Decor and Accessories
Natural Materials Eco-friendly

- Natural materials

- Eco-friendly finish

- Low power

Made in the USA

- Built in the USA

- US and global parts

- US support

Steampunk art

- Cool designs

- Completely unique

- Advanced technology

All Products Feature:

Steampunk Style Home Decor and Accessories

Retro Gear Laboratory products are individually hand built in the United States of America using high quality components with careful attention to detail. 

Steampunk Style Home Decor and Accessories
About Us

Retro Gear Laboratories invents, designs and builds all of their steampunk style home decor and accessory products.  You won't find anything else like them.

Steampunk Style Home Decor and Accessories
Ian Gellatly Inventor


Iain Gellatly is an engineer and inventor by training. He also has an eye and passion for the look, robust quality and inventive style of the Victorian era.  Iain has built a small team of specialists to help him, but is still responsible for making things perfect for every customer.

steampunk home decor products


Retro Gear Laboratories got started finding new and unique ways to merge the look and feel of old school inventions and steampunk design with new microprocessor, networking and sensor technologies.  Make beautiful things to enjoy that also work and perform useful functions.

steampunk style


Every product starts with days of intense brain storming and idea sharing, followed by weeks of research, incorporating new technologies, running lots and lots of experiments, making lots of mistakes, reworking designs and more until people say "wow, that's so cool". 

steampunk art


Retro Gear Laboratories embraces open source computing and the collaborative, creative spirit of the Maker Movement.  Sharing is good. Products are developed using open source hardware, graphic tools and programming environments.  

steampunk accessories


The finish products are totally unique, functional and a pleasure to own and interact with. True conversation pieces. We love the  feedback we get, along with all the great ideas for future products.. Keep them coming.

Steampunk Style Home Decor and Accessories
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Steampunk Style Home Decor and Accessories

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Steampunk style home decor and accessories
steampunk art
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